Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Tie between Me and Wieder

The New Yorker cartoon caption contest. The finalists (rather lame) are:

"Why did you think angels had wings?"

"It's not the tedium. It's the uncertainty."

"I always figured Hell would be less ironic."

Brother Wieder's (unsubmitted) were:

“Obviously, His so-called ‘perfection’ doesn’t extend to furniture design.”

“All those images of the wings probably should have tipped us off.”

“Sure it’s ‘heaven,’ if you’re crazy about omelettes.”

And mine (equally unsubmitted) were:

It’s no fun for the kids if they are too hard to find.

Ten thousand years of this, and your back won’t bother you for the rest of eternity.

Same thing he said to you. “You can’t have a dinosaur until I’m sure you’ll take responsibility for it.”


Peter Moore said...

In the anti-caption contest

"Man, fuck Ostrich-Heaven! That's all I'm gonna say." —Ogdred

"You know, I'm beginning to think, the halos and clouds and so forth notwithstanding, that this isn't actually Heaven, but is in fact Hell. For one thing, the boredom here is so oppressive that it feels like we're being punished, not rewarded. For another, I was a rapist." —John Tabin

"In Soviet heaven, egg lays you!" —kejo

Honorable mention
"You wanna stick a pen in that left hand or something? It's kinda freaking me out." —MAtt

....J.Michael Robertson said...

Well, now I feel better.